When you welcome a new employee, what do you want their first impression to be? Imagine how you would treat a guest coming into your home for the first time.

You want them to feel welcome. You want them to tell their family and friends what a pleasant and impressive environment it is. This is the responsibility of your HR department. It is HR who makes sure that employees are treated with courtesy and respect while making sure the needs of the company are met.

Whether your company is big or small, well-established or just starting out, how your onboard and treat your staff is critical to the success of your business.  Explaining disarray with “We are just starting out” or “We just moved in” may seem like it is reinforcing the romance of a startup, but in reality, it is giving a very unprofessional first impression.

In today’s competitive job market, employers are always judged and highly scrutinized How you welcome and support your staff may just be the differentiator that attracts the best people and prevents your people from jumping ship.You need a strong HR foundation that can grow and adapt to the changing needs of your business.. It will help you stay relevant and continue to impress your potential and current employees.

We all remember working for a company that was never able to get its act together. You don’t want to be that company.


* The second reason is compliance and litigation, which I will cover in a different post.