You hire a new employee, and everyone is super excited to have them join, not just because they’re good, but also because the search is over, the hard part is done. Right? Wrong.

While recruiting sometimes seems to be the biggest challenge, retaining employees is just as challenging, and just as important if not more. Retention starts on day one.

We all remember that place where we sat around and stared out the window, it doesn’t make for a positive first impression. By structuring on-boarding as a streamlined process, you can make it painless and effective. Create check-lists, assign tasks and hold staff accountable for their on-boarding related responsibilities.

A good on-boarding process ensures compliance, helps new hires get up to speed quicker, makes the new employee feels welcome, and demonstrates your company’s culture.


Before they start:

Make sure all the IT systems are set-up.
Reduce idle time by scheduling all required meetings ahead of time.
Send an intro e-mail and welcome new employees to the team.

When they start:

Make sure they know what they need to bring with them on day 1 (ID? Blank checks?), and when to show up.
Have someone assigned to show them around the office
Make sure they have relevant documents to read, and forms to fill out.
Encourage the hiring manager to schedule a team lunch, an informal environment is always effective with new-hires.

Now what?

Schedule a follow-up at the end of week one, month one and month three. It helps gauge engagement, and shows that you care.

Good luck!